10 months of Preteen Leadership Training for only $349

Month 1

Leadership Concept: Hospitality

Leadership Challenge: Design a Plan to Welcome New Kids

Skill Training: Greeting

+4 Team Building Activities

Month 2

Leadership Concept: Faithfulness

Leadership Challenge: Plan and Lead an Ice Cream Party

Skill Training: Caring for Facilities

+4 Team Building Activities

Month 3

Leadership Concept: Holiness

Leadership Challenge: Lead a Game During a Regular Service

Skill Training: Upfront "mic" Skills (leading worship, closing prayer, making announcements, etc.)

+4 Team Building Activities

Month 4

Leadership Concept: Humility

Leadership Challenge: Make a Gospel Presentation

Skill Training: Tech

+4 Team Building Activities

Month 5

Leadership Concept: Thankfulness

Leadership Challenge: Plan a Volunteer Appreciation Event

Skill Training: Preparing & Setting Up for Services

+4 Team Building Activities

Month 6

Leadership Concept: Prayfulness

Leadership Challenge: Plan a "Leadership Night" Event

Skill Training: Seeing and Meeting Needs in Your Ministry

+4 Team Building Activities

Month 7

Leadership Concept: Representing Christ

Leadership Challenge: Identifying and Meeting a Need Within the Church

Skill Training: Serving in Another Ministry

+4 Team Building Activities

Month 8

Leadership Concept: Faith in God

Leadership Challenge: Plan an Entire Service, Part 1

Skill Training: Service Planning

+4 Team Building Activities

Month 9

Leadership Concept: Respect for Authority

Leadership Challenge: Plan an Entire Service, Part 2

Skill Training: Running an Entire Service

Month 10

Leadership Concept: Sharing God's Love

Leadership Challenge: Serve a local Retirement Community

Skill Training: Going on a Mission Trip

+4 Team Building Activities