With our first ever Event Pack, you'll get 5 events for your preteen ministry, complete with slides, videos, lesson plans and everything else you'll need to have a MEMORABLE, MEANINGFUL time in your Intentional Preteen Ministry.

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1.       Slime: A look at sin and salvation using slimey games, a slimey lesson, and culminating with a slime dump! God has used this event as a catalyst for hundreds of salvations for over a decade.

2.       The Great Escape: A giant maze is just the beginning of this epic event. There are many things in life we may want to escape, but we WILL NOT escape death and judgment (Hebrews 9:27). At this highly interactive event, preteens will explore this truth, and hear how Jesus' Death and Resurrection make the Greatest Escape of All Times available to each of them.

3.       Got Game: This team building event is perfect for getting your preteens to work together toward common goals...first as they take on a digital enemy by playing cooperative games to defeat him, and then by discussing the purpose of the Church and your ministry. **Great for Vision Casting and Team Building.

4.       Pajama Banquet: This event gives your preteens the opportunity to act out the Great Banquet of Luke 14, including the part where they "go out to the roads and country lanes and compel them to come in, so that my house will be full." During the event, preteens will hear about a pillow fight that is being waged inside of their minds, and they'll be invited to put some lesser things in life to rest.

5.       Ice Cream F-F-Festival: What reasons do you have to celebrate? During this highly active event, preteens get to explore many of the f-f-fabulous things about God, especially his f-f-flawless love for us. An ice cream party at the end is a cherry on top to this fun, joy-filled event of celebration.

ORDER NOW for just $99