Essentials of Intentional Preteen Ministry


1 Pack = $49  |  5 Pack = $199  |  10 Pack = $299

Each pack comes with:

* Copies of the book "Let Go and Run Beside" by Sean Sweet. Learn more here.

* Workbooks to accompany "Let Go and Run Beside" with questions designed to inspire thinking, strategizing, and next steps

* Four 1- to 2-hour training sessions (include discussion questions, video instruction and encouragement, team building activities, and action step planning)

If you already have copies of "Let Go & Run Beside" and just need the workbook and video, ORDER HERE

Nine- to Twelve-year-old kids are beyond elementary ministry. Their brains have started changing, and the way they do everything is new. Behavioral issues are just the beginning, but they really aren't the problem. Preteens are ready to be challenged and discipled. They are ready to take steps into a faith of their own. In short, they are ready for an intentional preteen ministry. Seize this short window of time. You won't get this chance again.

Written for ministry leaders and their teams, this training will provide a practical foundation as you grow a ministry in which 9-12 year olds in 4th, 5th and 6th grades take ownership of their faith in Jesus Christ.

This BUNDLE is packed full of ways to create space for preteens to move toward:

A faith in God that is THEIRS
A love of God's Word that is THEIRS
A walk with Jesus Christ that is THEIRS

Through this resource, you will learn the essentials of Intentional Preteen Ministry:

Using effective questions
Incorporating experiential learning and movement
Balancing challenge and safety
Understanding the beginnings of identity formation
Providing opportunities for power and choice
Letting go and running beside

Take your next steps into Intentional Preteen Ministry.

1 Pack = $49  |  5 Pack = $199  |  10 Pack = $299