Your preteen ministry group can join the fun this March!

Four weeks in a bracket-style competition between your ministry and others. The winning ministry will receive an all-expense paid pizza party for their ministry.

This competition is part of the Deeply Rooted Curriculum March series entitled "MAD," a series helping preteens identify and understand anger, frustration, and fairness, and what these things can teach us about God.

If you'd like to join all the year-round fun of Deeply Rooted, join now.

You must have a group of preteens (4th-6th grade or 9-12 years old), and be able to participate over the 4 Sundays or Wednesdays between March 1st and March 28. This will take 5-10 minutes of your service time each of those weeks.

Each week, your group will select a "move." Your move will be played against another ministry's move. The winner will be announced in a sportscast style video the following week. You'll play this sportscast in your ministry to update them on their progress in the tournament. 

This will be a great way to build community, ministry identity, and excitement within your preteen group throughout March.

Even if your group loses one week, you'll still be able to play in the "B" or "C" bracket. There is no cost to participate.

DEADLINE to SIGN UP is March 1st.