Limited Time Offer

Join the Deeply Rooted Beta Group today for only $62/month and receive access to the Deeply Rooted Curriculum. 

After July 20th, 2017, we will be not be accepting any new subscriptions until late Summer 2018, and there will be no more access to individual months of the curriculum.

The price will be $99/month for regular subscription when we reopen subscription in 2018.  

As a Beta Group member, though, you’ll continue to pay only $62/month as long as you stay subscribed.  

During this “radio silence” year, we will be focusing our attention on making the Deeply Rooted Curriculum the absolute best it can be for our subscribers, releasing top-quality curriculum to them each month and listening to feedback from them to sharpen and strengthen the product.  

Be a part of the future of preteen ministry. Join the Beta Group today.  

Fall 2017

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