Using Diamond Collector Cards

How to use Diamond Collector Cards

Before using Diamond Collector Cards, you'll need to understand the three basic card types. See the explanation video above.

Rock Cards. The backside of these cards are light in color. They are portrait oriented. On the frontside of these cards, the word "ROCK" is written on the top left. These cards have scripture written on them.

Effect Cards. The backside of these cards are also light in color. They are portrait oriented. On the frontside of these cards, the word "EFFECT" is written on the top left. These cards are used for the Diamond Collector game. Sometimes, these cards have an orange border if they are an instant effect.

Pressure Cards. The backside of these cards are dark in color. They are landscape oriented. On the frontside of these cards, a pressure that people face is written, as well as the source of the pressure (God, Peers, Parents, etc.).

Here are 4 ways to use Diamond Collector Cards. See the explanation video above.

#1. Play "Diamond Collectors" 

#2. Play "Rock/Pressure Match"

Starting the Game

Play with only Rock and Pressure Cards. Take out all of the Effect Cards. Have players separate their Rock Cards and Pressure Cards and place these face-down in two stacks. Everybody takes the top 4 Rock Cards in their hand and becomes familiar with the Bible verses written on each.

Choose a player to be the first judge. This person is given the Purple Gem to indicate that he or she is the judge.

Playing the Game  

  • The judge picks a Pressure Card from the top of their stack, reads it aloud, and places it face up on the table.
  • Players (except the judge) choose a Rock Card from their hand that has a Scripture on it that would be the most helpful in dealing with this type of pressure. Players place these Rock Cards face down on the table. 
  • The judge mixes the Rock Cards so no one knows who played which card. The judge turns over each Rock Card, reads the Scripture on it aloud, and then selects the one he or she thinks is the most helpful verse for dealing with the pressure on the Pressure Card.
  • The player of the selected Pressure Card is awarded one diamond, and all cards are returned to the players who played them. These cards are placed on the bottom of each player's Rock Card stack, and each player draws a new Rock Card to add to their hand.
  • The Purple Gem, and the role of judge, are passed to the player on the left. Play continues, following steps 1 through 4 until soeone has earned enough diamonds to win the game.


To make the game more interesting and focused, use only cards that have green in the border...or red...or blue. 

Combine this game with the Small Group Discussion questions.

#3. Scripture Memorization Challenge

Starting the Game

For this, players will only use their Rock Cards. Have them put all other cards away. 

Split into teams of equal size. 

The game leader stands some distance away from all teams.

Playing the Game  

  • A leader starts the timer, and the players begin memorizing the verses written on their Rock Cards. 
  • Each time a player memorizes a verse, he or she brings the Rock Card to the game leader who will listen and check for accuracy while the player speaks the verse. Each time players speak a verse correctly to the game leader, they are a awarded a diamond which they bring back to their team. 
  • Players on the same team may share cards and memorize the same verses. 
  • When the timer ends, the team with the most diamonds wins. 


To make the game more interesting and focused, use only cards that have green in the border...or red...or blue. 

You could have each team work with a certain group of cards (red, green, blue, etc.), and then the following time you play switch cards.


#4. Small Group Discussions

A 100-card ministry deck contains 100 cards for 4 weeks of discussion.

  • The top 25 cards in your deck are for week 1.  
  • The next 25 are for week 2.  
  • The third 25 are for week 3.  
  • The next 25 are for week 4.  


At the bottom of the deck are special cards. These include discussion questions for each of the four weeks (see pictures below) .  

  • Take the 25 cards for that week's discussion.
  • Remove all the Effect Cards. They won’t need these for discussion time.
  • Separate the Pressure Cards and the Rock Cards.
  • Shuffle the two decks. Hand out the Rock Cards to each person in your group. It's best if each player has at least 2 Rock Cards. 
  • Place all of the Pressure Cards face down in the middle.
  • Have each person read the Rock Cards in their hands to themselves to become familiar with their two verses.  
  • Begin the discussion by having one person place a Pressure Card into the center. Use the discussion questions and instructions included to lead your group in a great discussion time about pressure in their life.

You can award diamonds of matching color for each preteen who places a Rock Card that matches the Pressure Card.

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