Diamond Collector Trading Cards


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Get the newest preteen ministry tool from FourFiveSix.org, to take your Small Group times to another level.  

With the Diamond Collector Cards, you'll have a four week Small Group tool that can be used to discuss the many pressures that preteens face: 

  • Peer Pressure 
  • Pressure from Authority
  • Pressure from within 
  • Pressure from God 

Use these cards in two different ways: 

  • As a means to a deep discussion with your group about the pressures they face. 
  • To play the exciting new game "Diamond Collectors." 

These cards can be given to your preteens to keep for themselves and/or trade. The custom artwork, created by Nate Parrish of the band Kutless, bring a special level of interest to each card.  

There are 100 unique cards in each "ministry deck," which can be used for a group of up to five preteens to have a discussion or play Diamond Collectors. Have more than five preteens in your Small Groups? No problem - just give the Small Group Leader 1 deck for every five kids and it's GAME (or discussion) ON.  

These cards can be used in conjunction with Deeply Rooted's "Diamond" 4-week series to supercharge your weekly Small Group activity and discussion starter.  

Each set includes the supplies you'll need for 5 preteens: 

  • 100 Unique Cards 
  • 40 "Diamonds" of each color (red, green, and blue) 
  • 80 Black Gems 
  • 1 Set of Small Group Discussion Questions
  • Gem bag