CAMPTENDO Preteen Summer Event

Camptendo is your best solution for this summer's big preteen events. It's a 5-lesson curriculum. Each session is packed with UP TO SEVEN HOURS of non-stop fun as preteens grow closer to God and gain Spiritual Tools to become MORE THAN CONQUERORS. You can use Camptendo as a full week's event such as Camp, Park Days, or VBS, or you can pick and choose which pieces to use at a retreat or for a unique summer series.

We've tested and updated Camptendo many times over the past 18 years with several different churches, so we know how well it works.  

Your preteens are going to love the relevant and engaging theme. It's written specifically for preteens, and is all about how God is helping them to face and overcome challenges in life. They'll learn that God has good purpose as they face challenges, and that he gives them choices and tools for overcoming every "level" they come to.  

Just imagine this theme wrapped around all the parts of Camptendo including the "Game On" Openings, Team Building Game-Based Challenges, Large Group Worship Sessions, and Relational Small Groups.


Price: $129


  • Director Guide with leader training options, schedules, prep and planning guide, check-lists, and much more
  • 5 Daily Scripts and Activity Instructions...over 7 hours of content each day to choose from
  • Video, Audio, and Slides that will help you to create an incredibly immersive experience for your preteens
  • Promotional Graphics to help you communicate with parents, preteens, and volunteers before summer arrives

Delivered digitally right to you!